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After 16 years, the wait is over.
The book beloved by magicians the world over has been Revised & Expanded.

Maximum Entertainment 2.0

Director's Notes for Magicians and Mentalists  

Now more than 75 pages longer, with tons of amplifications, clarifications, and additions, all aimed toward making you a better, stronger, more impactful performer.

It's packed with the real-world tips that made Maximum Entertainment the most practical book ever for the magician and mentalist.

It's still hard-cover, and it's available for the same price as when it debuted in 2003!


Ken Weber became one of the most successful  mentalist/magicians in America. Through careful study he uncovered the many secrets that help the top performers stand apart from their peers. That's what he shares in his book.


Ken Weber

Who is Ken Weber? 
Why should you trust his advice?


While still a teenager, Ken Weber was the “Official Magician” at the RCA pavilion at the New York World’s Fair. After receiving two university degrees in theater, he went on to a successful career as a full-time entertainer.


Ken has appeared at over 500 colleges and universities, and for hundreds of corporations, associations, and resorts.


Newsweek magazine named him “one of the most frequently requested” performers on the college circuit. The internationally respected Psychic Entertainers Association awarded him their most prestigious honor, the Dunninger Award for Excellence in the Performance of Mentalism.


Now almost completely retired from active performing, Ken is a sought-after mentor and performance consultant for performers of all levels -- from serious-minded amateurs to some of the best-known professionals in the world.

"When I started doing mentalism, it felt like there were a dozen people in the world doing it. It wasn’t popular at all. Last night two legendary early adopters came to see the show - Ken Weber and Gil Eagles. Huge names in the art. This was a lovely treat. Shoulders of giants."
Derren Brown on Facebook
December 29, 2019


The first reviews of the "2.0" version have now been posted:

"Let’s just start by saying this would be one of the TOP FIVE books I’ve ever read on magic in my thirty years as full time performing magician. This revised and expanded edition by Ken Weber is hard cover and 332 pages of knowledge that would have saved me years of trying to figure out." 

Paul Romhany,  Vanish Magazine

"This book changed my life. It changed everything. It changed how I do my business, how I do my shows, how I show up at gigs. I've read it maybe ten times. If you're gonna buy just one of the books I talk about, go buy this one!"

Caroline Ravn, on her Video Blog

Unsolicited reviews of the original version of Maximum Entertainment:

“It’s the craziest thing — I’ve read hundreds of magic books, and now I’ve just read what may be the best of them all, and there’s not a single trick in it! … Ken Weber, a hugely successful performer in his own right, is well known among a select group of top performers for his ability to watch, and then improve, virtually anyone’s act. Now he has put down on paper many of the hundreds of tips he has offered over the years. This is a true guidebook to success… a major addition to magical literature!”

The Linking Ring review


“Little hints and big ideas combine until literally every page is sprinkled with priceless information!"

Eric Mead, Genii review


“MAXIMUM Entertainment is the best book on how to perform magic or mentalism I have ever read! … Filled with gems and wisdom.” 

MUM review


"Read Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber. Seriously. It’s the only product in existence that I would unreservedly recommend to absolutely everyone who wants to perform magic."

Simon Coronel, MAGIC Magazine,
2022 FISM Grand Prix Champion

MAXIMUM Entertainment is terrific! Buy it! It should be in your library. PERIOD!”

Mike Close, MAGIC Magazine review

"I often recommend your book in my seminars, private teachings and in general conversations. It is required reading for all my students."

Shawn Farquhar

2009 FISM Grand Prix Champion

“The best book I’ve read in many years about the practical side of stage performance. Every serious magician should own this book.”

Jeff McBride

“This book is here to stay. It’s an undisputed classic. Every professional dreams of having a director like Ken Weber. Now we can. Maximum Entertainment is essential reading if you’re serious about performing magic.”

Joshua Jay


“Finally! A well-written book by someone who has been there and knows what he's talking about. If you are seriously interested in making an impact with mystery entertainment, your money would be so much better spent here than on the latest trick or video. Read it, digest it…let the material inspire you, provoke you and ultimately make you a better performer.” 

Craig Karges,

Six-Time "Entertainer of the Year"
National Association of Campus Activities.

"I have a long history with Maximum Entertainment and there have been times I felt it had been written personally for me. For years I carried it with me on tour, where I’d read and reread sections in the hotel after a show and then try to work the ideas and approaches into my own work onstage the next night. It’s one of the most eminently useful books I’ve ever read."

Nate Staniforth

Maximum Entertainment was named one of the 28 titles on

The Magic Circle's "5-Foot Shelf of Magic Books."


There are no tricks in this book, but it’s loaded with secrets!


The most important secrets — techniques for mastering your audience!



  2. Puzzle, trick, or EXTRAORDINARY MOMENT; Be sure you know the difference!

  3. How to precisely target the “BIG THREE” REACTIONS.

  4. Discover the SIX PILLARS OF ENTERTAINMENT SUCCESS.  You will never reach your full potential until you master all six.


  6. Discover invaluable VOICE tricks and LANGUAGE SKILLS.

  7. Do you know the smart way for magicians to be FUNNY? This book will show you.

  8. Immensely practical tips on MUSIC, SOUND and LIGHTING.

  9. Find out what the most successful performers do BEFORE, DURING, and even AFTER every show

  10. Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by CLOSE-UP MAGICIANS,  "SILENT" ACTS, and MENTALISTS.

What's in the Book

Murphy's Magic video interview: CLICK Here.

Maximum Entertainment is available at most major magic dealers.

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